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Originally Posted by BroncoBuff View Post

Now that they might actually be considering it though, I don't like the idea of moving Franklin. 1 - This draft is deep at guard, 2 - Beadles better than I thought (Pro Bowl?), 3 - They like Walton okay after all, 4 - Franklin grading out the #2 pass-blocking RT? No, let's keep him there. Draft a guard and hope Kuper rehabs.

I must echo, "cutting Kuper loose," that is some cold-blooded crazy-talk right there.
Wouldn't it have to be an injury settlement? Whats the rule on cutting injured players? I just don't see it either. Broncos like Kuper and won't give up on him just yet. Now another yr of being injured, or if he comes back and doesn't play well, then maybe.
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