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Chris Harris

If the Broncos sign Green, he'll be better then anybody we currently have. I think the Broncos are still gonna draft somebody at RB, that to me is a no brainer. I just think the Broncos don't feel they can count on Moreno and McGahee to stay healthy and so they'll draft somebody but want some experience coming in at the position. I think Green is alot better then some of you suggest. But, we've beaten that horse into the ground and then some. We shall see.

I just don't think we have a back on our current roster that has this in him - can read the blocks, explode through the hole, demolish the tackler and then outrun everybody to the endzone. McGahee doesn't have the speed to finish that play. Moreno isn't probably gonna break the tackle and he sure doesn't have the speed, Hillman isn't going to break that tackle, Hester doesn't have the speed to finish it. I just think this guy is a really good power back with very good speed.

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