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Trevor Siemian!

Originally Posted by jerseyboiler120 View Post
Are the a lot of Rockies fans on The Mane?
Yeah, with their ****ed up ownership, pathetic unaccountable GM that spouts the company line, and therefore gets to keep his job for life, manager that a year ago was coaching high school baseball. Because their manager last year couldn't take it and quit, leaving 1.2 million on the table without another job lined up.

It's a pretty disgusting situation. I'll watch, probably until May or June when they are eliminated from pretending to contend for a playoff berth. I won't go to any games though. I'll be damned if I'll support that joke with any of my money.

It sucks. I enjoy watching baseball and going to the games when the Rockies fool me into thinking that they actually know what they're doing.
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