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Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
There's a reason we were chewed up over the middle ALL SEASON long, and Trevathan and his whopping 3 PDs is not the answer.
First of all, the 'passes defensed' stat is NO WAY to evaluate competence in pass coverage. Wesley Woodyard graded out the best 4-3 pass coverage LB in the league (Pro Football Focus). He had 6 passes defensed. But he also had hella more snaps than Trevathan, and Tevathan had 3 ..... Rev! We're starting the wrong LB!!

Second, Trevathan's 3 passes defensed tied him for 52nd in the league among all LBs, which (if 'passes defensed' mattered) would be astonishing for a rookie who played as little as he did.

Third, yes, we had problems with opposing TEs this season, no doubt. But a) seems like more of a safety issue to me, and b) we so throttled opposing offenses - #2 in league yardage allowed, #4 points - that I just can't get too worked up about it.

Originally Posted by Reverend
You're seriously one of the more football incompetent people on the entire message board and I literally can't fathom how someone could possibly be this ignorant. You're like a small child in a grown, ugly man's body.
Don't know what to say. Rev, I'm just yakkin' here, never meant to hurt or insult you ... my long post about last year's opening day Von Miller stuff was 90% fun (though I did predict 12 sacks, which was correct rounded to the nearest whole integer).

And speaking of Miller, here's a thought: If you're calling somebody football-ignorant, and you want the insult to stick, you should really do better than a senseless accusation he doesn't know Von Miller rushes the quarterback ... I don't know, maybe say he relies on boutique stats like GWRBI or PD to make judgments.

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