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Originally Posted by Hercules Rockefeller View Post
Any Caps fans who watched the team consistently could have told you he was their most talented player. Lazy as **** at times, but infinitely talented.
Semin is the most talented player in the league when he wants to be. His skill set is ridiculous.

I'll never forget talking to a Russian guy who played with him back in his hometown. He said "Semin is crazy, but his skills are also crazy" He said Semin would dick around and shoot for certain objects from the OTHER SIDE OF THE RINK and hit them consistently sometimes a few times in a row. Imagine making 5 to 10 straight half court shots in basketball.

It was never Semin's fault in DC. Is he to blame for some things? Sure. However, the organization never set the standard and let the russians go wild. Still, he was always less wild than Ovechkin of course but he took a lot of crap because he wasn't as consistent as ovechkin; just wasn't in his DNA.

He has matured. He was always an elite player, but haters will hate.

He will prove a lot of people wrong now that he has a great situation in Carolina where guys seem to thrive. The "experts" like Pierre McGuire and other NHL rejects have no clue what they are talking about. They should watch the ****ing games before they make up ****.
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