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Von Miller

Originally Posted by Cito Pelon View Post
True. One star among all those billions of lights is a star. All the rest visible to the naked eye are galaxies. It's awesome to me.

Except for the Milky Way, of course. The Milky Way is our own galaxy, hence it's so prominent.

It's so prominent because we are way out on one of the Milky Way's spiral arms, way out there on the spiral arm, that's why the Milky Way moves across the sky from season to season, we rotate around it. Awesome we're just a tiny speck on a spiral arm of one galaxy among billions of galaxies.

EDIT: We don't rotate around the Milky Way, it's the rotation of the Earth that makes it look that way. We're just way out on one of the spiral arms of the Milky Way galaxy.
Dude I know. I don't find anything more fascinating than the universe. Growing up through elementary school we took a lot of field trips to the planetarium. There are also a ton of observatories down here in AZ. The one in Flagstaff is pretty awesome.
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