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Nate Irving

I can't wait for the James Webb deep field, that is going to be something. I really wish our government would invest more money into NASA, I understand the reasoning for the budget cuts, but its one of the greatest opportunities for technological development in this country. Space X and Googles first enterprise upon receiving the corporate go ahead was to develop plans for space mining. That's a great opportunity, but its not conducted with the same vision of curiosity. Granted we will learn a lot from the new fiscal backing of Corporate space programs, the theoretical research will not be emphasized. I am also afraid of the privatization of information for capital gain. It's relative to the genome race in the potential danger of patented knowledge. I believe that Musk wouldn't try to pull something like that, mostly because of his philanthropic contributions to Science education, but he is not going to be alone at the head if manned operations for long, and that's when I begin to worry.
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