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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I have tried in the last week or so to study how people go into the boards, and I have never seen anyone lift their leg up so high the thigh becomes horizontal, which is what Cooke did.
And that's the bottom line. No one who plays does what Cooke did.

He had intentions of hurting Karlsson. Did he want to slice his leg? Probably not, but that dirty POS should not get any benefit of the doubt because he has a lot of evil intentions in him. He doesn't give a **** and the only reason he hasn't been banned from the NHL is because he wears a Pens jersey.

Think about any other guy on any other team with the history of Matt Cooke. They surely would be banned from the NHL because they would be labeled the same as criminals essentially.

Cooke is a ****ing criminal. He should have been banned from the league after the Savard hit. Even when given another chance, he goes out and tries to end McDonough's career.
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