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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by chadta View Post
not at all, i defended matt POS cooke on his little skate slice thing, I think intent is a huge part of the play and the punishment, kinda like manslaughter vs murder, sure the person is still dead and as such you should be punished, but there is a big difference between going for the knee and it just happened that way.

It was cheap cuz he hit the guy who wasnt looking, and if clutterbug takes another stride and gets vertical instead of at a 45 degree angle, he gets the hip and does a somersault in the air and it is highlight reel hit.
I am still not clear on the intent or lack of intent in the Cooke slice. I think the Intent on Hall was to make a hard hit, he found an easy target going across the ice with his head turned and made a bad call on how to hit. If he lowers the shoulder and leans in he is going to nail him right in the solar plexus, knock the wind out of him and put him on his ass, but goes in knee first is just a bad idea.

I have tried in the last week or so to study how people go into the boards, and I have never seen anyone lift their leg up so high the thigh becomes horizontal, which is what Cooke did. Looking at the Cooke hit in slow, it seems clear to me that he is trying to use his knee to lift Karlsons leg off the ice so he will fall over, but it doesn't work and when he goes into the boards he ends up with his foot in a dangerous place. Other players who go in that same situation keep their feet wide and on the ice for better leverage which is much less dangerous. I don't think Cooke meant to slice Karlson but I do think he deliberately put himself in a situation that was dangerous and he did so trying to effectively trip Karlson using his leg, which is against the rules. I don't see why he wasn't suspended, even if the outcome wasn't deliberate it was definitely negligent to end up in that situation.
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