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Originally Posted by DivineLegion View Post
As a NASA enthusiast, you of all people have greater access to the scientific data behind the theoretical evidence regarding global warming.

If climate changes naturally over time, why isn't the current warming just another natural cycle?

The industrial activities that our modern civilization depends upon have raised atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane to higher levels than at any point during the last 650,000 years. Scientists agree it is very likely that most of the global average warming since the mid-20th century is due to the human-induced increases in greenhouse gases, rather than to natural causes.

While natural variations have altered the climate significantly in the past, it is very unlikely that the changes in climate observed since the mid-20th century can be explained by natural processes alone.
I agree we need to address the man made CO2 issues. I have seen the data and agree that man is contributing to the issue but again I point to the fact that at one point a long time ago I would be living on top of a Glacier.

CO2 is an issue we need to address but if you look at other data they have gathered from the Ice at the poles they have found periods of warming and cooling, before the industrial revolution. I think the Earth has been on a warming trend since the last little ice age back in the middle ages.

The CO2 spike is us for sure and it is something we need to reduce quickly or find a new place to live but it can be addressed quickly if we invest in scrubbing it from the enviroment and regulate abusers. We have made some strides already.

When I lived in Denver back in the early 70's Denver had some of the worst air pollution, to the point where my dad, who had Asthma, had to stay in doors and or wear a mask. I believe it is much better as each time I have been back over the years they don't mention it in the news, it is something we can address quickly. Other towns like LA have done the same things, and we cleaned up the Cuyohoga(sp?) river in Ohio that once caught fire. With proper regulations we can turn this around. I am worried about things we can't control. We live on a very active planet that vary's it's spin on it's axis. We can't control stuff like that which is why space flight is in our best interest if we want to stay alive in this universe.
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