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Originally Posted by canadianbroncosfan View Post
He is. I think a lot of people are defending it because of who got hit. Clutterbuck is a scum bag that isn't well respected around the league. Shanahan can't factor in who WAS hit in his decision, just the person DOING the hit and the action itself.
not at all, i defended matt POS cooke on his little skate slice thing, I think intent is a huge part of the play and the punishment, kinda like manslaughter vs murder, sure the person is still dead and as such you should be punished, but there is a big difference between going for the knee and it just happened that way.

It was cheap cuz he hit the guy who wasnt looking, and if clutterbug takes another stride and gets vertical instead of at a 45 degree angle, he gets the hip and does a somersault in the air and it is highlight reel hit.
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