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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
I think you've wandered pretty far off the reservation here we are talking about a (swastika tattoo-having) father's request (which would be illegal for the hospital to grant) to have no black nurses look after his baby in the neonatal intensive care. I’m pretty sure the baby didn't have a swastika tattoo or was any kind of threat.

Maybe he was afraid the black nurse wouldn’t hug the racists white baby but only gives out hugs to black babies, it does happen just look at the racist white rabbit.
Fixed your post to show you the facts that you left out. Facts that, while they're convenient for you to forget, won't be forgotten when this inevitably gets settled.

If you can't see the absurdity of the rest of the tripe you typed, we're done here until you can sufficiently explain how an apology and disciplinary action are okay under one situation, but when they're requested in a similar situation involving race, they're not deserved, and somehow now both parties are only in it for the money, despite one party turning down $500.

PS: It wouldn't matter if the baby were half-black with a birthmark that said "I love people of all colors, and so does my dad." The fact remains that any request based on race to limit what nurses can handle your baby is illegal for the hospital to grant. What part of that is too hard for you to understand?

If they hired a lawyer, they intend to sue....why else would they hire a lawyer?
Read. The. Article.

They hired the lawyer after they were offered $500 shut up money, which they refused, and stated they only wanted an apology and disciplinary action. I would have done the same.

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