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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
The Big 12 is going on Death Sentence when other members couldn't handle OU and Texas dominating the conference, not just in wins/losses, but structure. Missouri wanted out first, and that left a domino effect that caused Nebraska and Colorado to leave first, followed by A&M and Missouri, being replaced by West Virginia and TCU.
Now TCU makes sense, but WV does all.
I was fully expecting super conferences to be born with OU, OKState, Texas and say Texas Tech moving to the Pac12, other teams moving to the SEC, etc and the Big12 becoming extinct.
To me though, this is sort of bad because it creates too many teams in a conference to fully have a good solid OOC schedule along with interconference.
You talk about West Virginia not making sense? Colorado should be the ABSOLUTE easternmost school, in the Pac 12, and even THAT is pushing the limits of a regional conference...

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