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Originally Posted by errand View Post
Go on facebook and type in search window the words white power, then black power, then latino power, and finally asian power...guess which one isn't allowed to be a "group" that can have a facebook page.

Isn't it just a racist to think blacks are superior to whites or asians? Isn't it just as racist to believe latinos are better than blacks or whites? Or are we still stuck in that only whites have the ability to be racist?
1) Pony already said he's not white.

2) If that's the case, it's deplorable and I think that Facebook should change their policy. In fact, I'll even write them an email about it.

3) It literally has nothing to do with the case.

As far as your other example goes, it would depend on the circumstances, but I'm sure the case could be made for the nurse that she felt threatened by the guy who requested no black nurses who had a swastika tattoo on his arm. A nurse could not, however, just refuse to serve a white guy for no other reason than "he's white".

And you're right, spdirty (and I) should probably not have said "illegal request", but rather "request which is illegal to grant". Small (but important?) distinction...somehow I think you understood what we meant, though.
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