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Originally Posted by errand View Post
wow racism in a blue state.....I've always been told that that was impossible as they are such utopias of diversity.....silly me. I personally would have told him he should find another hospital to have his child's birth in.....but that too might have opened them up for litigation.

I find it funny that this skinhead would possibly think he could live in Flint Michigan and not have a black person touch something of his....I mean where does he go for fast food, or groceries or get his car fixed, etc.....

My only question is what if the roles were reversed? What if the father was a black man who didn't want some white nurses with swastikas to handle his child? What if the father was Jewish and didn't want any blonde haired blue eye nurse that looked German to handle his child? While the odds of that happening are slim, it isn't would the hospital have been wrong to do likewise?

Add in that the fact that as others have mentioned a hostile situation would have potentially happened had this skinhead found out the hospital ignored his wishes or directives it could have also led to the hospital being sued.....

Imagine this scenario...racist father comes in and sees Aeisha holding his child....he then rips the child out of her arms and says I don't want your "ni@@er" hands on my child....Aeisha gets angry and smacks the father for using a racial slur.......while I think he deserves it, the hospital and courts might feel otherwise as her slapping him is still considered assualt....not to mention what if the father reacts to being slapped like a US Postal employee and comes into the hospital and shoots it up?

What is more important? Protecting the black nurses from racism or protecting the entire hospital and it's patients from a potentially violent **** burger mess?
Which is why the supervisor should have denied the request, informed the black nurse of the situation and that it was her choice if she still wanted the assignment, and then informed her supervisor so that the higher ups knew immediately. That would have likely released the hospital from liability because not only did they not comply with the illegal request, they gave the nurse the option to not go in there out of concern for her safety. You could still file suit if you wanted, but it would get thrown out in a heartbeat.

As far as your example, a hospital cannot legally comply with any request for service based on race. That includes both examples you gave. If you want to be racist, you have to be sneaky about it like txtebow suggested, and pretend you don't like a black person because of other qualities. Or at least that's what he claims. He's probably got more experience in that regard than I.
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