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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
A few players are falling out of favor (Ogletree, Montgomery, etc.), the NT's are starting their annual slide...and there's a serious shortage of impact interior LB's in the NFL. The biggest story at the combine is Manti Te'o.

All of these factors contribute to a ton of dynamics going on at MLB in the draft this year. It's looking to be a fairly even field, between Te'o, Brown, and Minter (now that they all weigh the same). The combine is all about's going to be interesting to see how they run.

1. Brown ran in the 4.4's in you know he has the athleticism...he has the film, and now he has the size.
2. Te'o has well documented issues, but is a major playmaker/tackler...and he's trim and sleek for the combine.
3. Minter rose before the draft, but he's got to get the momentum back if he wants to be a 1st round pick.

Every scouting site has a different one of the three ranked at the top. Which one will separate themselves?
I know that Minter has been the fad pick on this board, but he's a 2 down linebacker. Very good against the run, very bad in coverage.
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