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We're having a nice discussion about space and somebody's just got to put their political spin on it somehow someway. Does everything you do throughout your day have to revolve around a political view of something. Can't you just, for a moment, give it a rest. Enjoy the topic, leave the politics out of it. Thank you.

Steven, loved your thinking out of the box on the asteroid ship. I don't think the rotation of it to provide gravity would really work though. Even the largest asteroid would still be too small for it to work correctly. It's not just the earth spin that creates the gravity we are used to, it's the mass of the planet as well. I think with an asteroid, to create gravity equal to what we feel on earth, you would have to make it spin quite fast and relative to the mass of the asteroid, I would think it would feel like awkward gravity. It would be a cool thing for them to test out though. Alot of that theory sounds good, such as the asteroid having water, protection from small particles and radiation.

And last but not least - to our global warming is a hoax gentleman, forget about the fact you don't believe greenhouse gases are heating up the planet. Don't you think it's still a good idea to create less toxic fumes in the air so we have cleaner air to breath. Haven't you seen those images of the lungs of people who have lived their entire lives in a big city vs those who have lived in the rural areas. It's quite a difference. It's like looking at a person who smoked and one who has not. I for one don't wish to breath fossil fuel air as much as I can help it. But there are so many other reasons why we need to look to cleaner more modern fuels and energy's. What, do you think we're all going to travel the galaxy on oil and gasoline, hahahaha.

Some of the posts that turned the nice pictures discussion into space travel and colonization mentioned how we are messing up our own planet and will need to find somewhere else to go if not careful. IMHO that puts things right in the political zone as it mirrors what we have shoved in our faces by the media 24-7.
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