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Originally Posted by canadianbroncosfan View Post
Alright well I can't find an unbiased opinion anywhere up here, independent thoughts on the Taylor Hall suspension for his hit on Clutter****?

To be honest, I'm all for the suspension and think he was lucky to only get to games. I know Clutterbuck is a piece of ****, but I think it's irrelevant. I also wonder how everyone defending it would feel if Cal and hit Hall like that.

*Full disclosure I am a 'Hawks fan and am surrounded by hardcore Oilers fans so I'm probably a little bias the other way.

I think he went for a hipcheck on a guy who never really had the puck, 2 minutes for interference, and he should have spent the rest of the game looking over his shoulder for being cheap.

Clutterbuck pulled a Lindros, he turned across the middle of the ice with his head down, the knee wasn't targeted, nor was the head.
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