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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I took Abby to see a local municipal band in our area to see them play with vocalist Wayne Messmer.

Wayne was the announcer for the Cubs, Sting (soccer), and Blackhawks, and sang the National Anthem for them. If you saw the duh bear playoff games in 2010, Jim Corneilus does an exact copy of what Wayne did for years but Wayne is the real deal.

Waynes version of the Anthem prior to the 1991 NHL Allstar game was actually better than Witney Houston's lipsynced verison she did at the SB that year.

Blackhawk fans started the cheering during the singing of the Anthem prior to a playoff game vs the Oilers back in 1985, If you heard Wayne singing in the old Chicago Stadium with people in the cheap upper deck seats banging on the windows and history oozing out of the walls you would get it.

Wayne was shot in the throat in 1994 a few weeks before the old Stadium was to be closed, it took him a few months before he could sing again.

It was great to see a Chicago legend sing with a little local band I grew up working with.

It was a great concert, support your local bands/orchestras, if you see a concert in the park bring the kids, food and a blanket, they are fun. Now a days most towns who put on concerts in the park find subpar hobbists to play covers of pop songs.

The days where you could find a schedule of outdoor concerts by a professional mix of local players is just about dead.
My city Long Beach has a great municipal band. The reason they dont play all the concerts in the park is because they are so expensive. A guy I took lessons from who is a vibe player tells me they get 300 bucks a player. My band will do one for 1200 bucks! I wouldn't say the cities hire a lot of subpar bands but they do hire a lot of tribute bands and cover bands.

Problem with original music is usually the songwriting sucks. The people around the park would just rather see a Led Zep tribute, journey tribute etc. I agree though there are bands way better then us I just doubt you could hire them for what fits in a cities budget.

For instance a band like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy would cost you about 15 grand for a 2 hour show. Maybe even more.

When I was helping the Irvine Lake Blues fest book acts last yr i contacted Johnny Langs agency and they quoted me 50 grand for a 1 1/2 hour set.
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