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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
It's really pathetic when people define racism by their kids not getting a hug from the white bunny at Disney world. I'm really surprised they are not getting upset that there are only white bunnies and no black bunnies.

The poor kids were scarred for life.
Again, it sure seems like you didn't even watch the video you yourself posted. If they were claiming they were the only customers and they didn't get any attention, you would have a point. But no, they're claiming that white children got attention and black children didn't. That would seem fishy to me if it happened like they said.

You, however, along with cut, are automatically assuming it's a false claim. Why? Maybe it's because they're black?

Why would I make this claim?

Let's recap this thread so far:

- You start a thread about a white supremacist requesting no black nurses and openly question why he can't, all the while implying there is nothing wrong with the practice

- You say the nurse that was affected should be fine with an apology and disciplinary action for the offending supervisor

- You post another story about a black family claiming racism at an amuSeimiant park, misrepresent their story because you either didn't understand it or because you were purposely trying to sell a bogus angle

- You claim that the family isn't entitled to anything in this situation, even though in the previous situation the nurse was entitled to an apology and disciplinary action, all the while implying they are being too sensitive

And you wonder why people think you're racist.
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