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Originally Posted by W*GS View Post
Now, do you think 'nyuk nyuk' (he of the "I sat in the theater and capping Holmes woulda been no big deal") would **** himself?
I have no clue....I don't know nyuk nyuk other than in here. I will say that having read the post nyuk nyuk made, that it was basically stating that it wouldn't have been hard to kill Holmes....which I think is plausible.

I'll also say that the vast majority of gun owners respect guns and teach gun safety to their kids and family members....not to mention they target practice and if they conceal carry, they take training classes as well.

The bottom line is that nyuk nyuk or another citizen carrying a gun in Aurora would have increased the odds that Holmes kills one, maybe two....he'd have been the third body to drop. The average number of deaths in mass shootings stopped by law abiding citizens is under mass shootings stopped by law enforcement, the number is 14+

why do you think these mass shootings almost always occur in places where guns are not allowed?
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