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Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
not missing it, i just don't believe they will go higher than around 20-24. so many teams need OT and DL help, plus you have 4-5 WR's who could go in round one and 3-4 QB's that will likely go round 1 due to need.

now with an insane combine and pro days that could change but history shows guards don't go very high.

It's going to take a insane combine for a QB to go in the top ten.

There might be teams with OT needs but right now it's looking like there should only be three taken in the first round. Fisher, Johnson, and Joeckel. All could go in the top 15. Fluker should fall, he looks bad IMO.

There isn't a WR in the draft I would take before either of the OG's.

OLB Jarvis Jones would be a lock if not for the neck problems in my eyes.

Cooper has looked impressive today.

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