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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
Yeah I was going to see it won't happen in a million. They can estimate the life of the sun and the amount of fuel left relatively accurately since it's right there. It will be at least a billion. As for if the Earth will be uninhabited by then, I estimate we will be so advanced as a species, provided we haven't killed ourselves, that we'll be able to do whatever we want with our Earth long before the warming phase.
The other factor is the wobble of the Earth on the axis. I live where a huge glacier once stood that carved the great lakes. I really think the roation of Earth's axis impacted the ice ages and the recent heat up. Does CO2 play a big part in the warm up? Yes! Is it all man made? Nope, can we control it? Nope.

I think reducing CO2 emmissions is just plain common sense. They have proof that the Earth has gone through cycles of heat and cold throughout the millienia(sp?)
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