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Originally Posted by nyuk nyuk View Post
What question? You're attempting a false dichotomy argument as I just explained. Why should I defend myself from a guilty before proven innocent accusation on account that I said that disagreement doesn't equal persecution. Your attitude smacks of both prejudicial hostility and hostile attributional bias.

You have also utterly failed to explain why you think my pointing out that disagreement doesn't equal persecution is wrong and that it means I am "one of them."

If you think I'm religious and a follower of these people, then do your homework and prove me guilty - go over ALL of my posts and show me where I ever made such a statement. Go ahead. The onus is not on me to prove myself innocent of your nonsense. Do your homework. Get off your lard ass.

So please - man up yourself, assuming your manhood hasn't already fallen off.
Wow, so much hostility! All this flailing about in an effort to avoid answering a simple question. I'm not calling anyone "guilty" or "innocent", and I'm not accusing anyone of anything. I'm asking you a very simple question. But you sure act like someone who's afraid to admit the truth! Something you're ashamed of, nyuk?
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