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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
Let me guess, he was a central american sun worshipper?
Who cares what tattoos he had?

Frankly, you're not considering the inverse. If someone belongs to a racial group and there are markings or other indications that they belong to it, then it can be within their legitimate concerns that they fear nurses of other races may retaliate against them.

We've more than once had members of the Nation of Islam as patients. I certainly wondered if they hated my guts when I went in to see them, and they probably wondered the same about me. Either way, the concern is a legitimate one from both angles. The patient would wonder if the person of another race helping them would retaliate in some manner, and likewise the person helping them would wonder if they may be subject to unfair accusations as a result of treating someone with these views.

You and yours are trying to oversimplify complicated situations by beating your PC drums and marching around your kumbaya campfire.
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