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Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ View Post
That's mucho grande money, and each team in the Big 10 gets that? However, it's still less than what ND gets from NBC, right? As for ND not being able to play in a national championship because they aren't part of a major conference, I guess I'll believe that when I see it.
first year of the B1G network gave 28 mil to each team in the conference and cause the Pac-12 to use the same business model. each conference member is guaranteed no less than 20 mil per member.
B1G network is partly owned by Fox/News Group. Fox incurs most of the costs and the B1G picks up rights fees & etc. similar to a regional sports network sold to a place like CBS,Fox,NBC or etc.
the expectation is that the B1G network will provide the B1G teams with upwards of 50-60 mil per in the near future + the money from other TV networks, bowl games & etc.

this is why the B1G wanted Rutgers and Maryland. it pushes the carriers in that region to put the network on those screens and drives up the carriage fee per for each new market it enters and changes tiers on.

this is why it's so critical that the Pac-12 isn't on Directv and others.
loses a lot of money.

the NBC deal for ND will eventually put them behind once the 4 team playoff comes online. since they're not in a BCS conference in football they will make half of what others make for BCS bowls and NCG appearances. eventually all conference schools in the B1G,SEC & maybe the Pac-12 will make more than the NBC deal.
Texas and their longhorn network essentially ensures the eventual death of the Big 12 due to it being only Texas content and most places refusing to carry it due to most of the promised content being deemed a unfair advantage to other conference members who don't have a network and the Big 12 promised the Longhorns they wouldn't make a Big 12 network to keep them.
so regardless of who wins the conference, Texas will always make the most money, even though ESPN sunk a lot of money into their network and it's not making nearly enough due to major cable providers not carrying it because it's only Texas sports and barely any HS sports like promised.
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