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MSNBC recently ran a special on the manufactured war in Iraq. Since you're too dumb to realize that they used real sources and will immediately go "MSNBC ROBBLEROBBLEROBBLE" (why do you think I made it the first word of my post? Got your attention now?), I'll just list the Wiki article and you can read the info directly on the sources' websites.

But here's a good tidbit from PBS' Frontline in 2006. I thought this **** was common knowledge by now? Oh wait, it all but you few deniers.

In the initial stages of the war on terror, the Central Intelligence Agency, under George Tenet, was rising to prominence as the lead agency in the Afghanistan war. But when Tenet insisted in his personal meetings with President Bush that there was no connection between Al Qaeda and Iraq, V.P. Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld initiated a secret program to re-examine the evidence and marginalize the CIA and Tenet. The questionable intelligence acquired by this secret program was "stovepiped" to the vice president and presented to the public. In some cases, Cheney’s office would leak the intelligence to reporters, where it would be reported by outlets such as The New York Times. Cheney would subsequently appear on the Sunday political television talk shows to discuss the intelligence, referencing The New York Times as the source to give it credence.
Open your freaking eyes and stop being such a smug little dunce. It's not a good thing to be proud of being stupid or ignorant.
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