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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
Wait so now we know the terrorist that did this had 2 sim hours in a different jet? How do we know this. I thought it was not terrorists.

Face it, if the terrorists are smart enough to plan this out, get the weapons on board and take over several planes simultaneously they have probably trained more than a couple hours in a sim.

Seriously. They didnt just say ok today we are going to crash planes into some ****, go find some people that played pilot wings on Super Nintendo. That will be all the training required. Do you know how dumb that sounds?
Yeah I agree with you. It is very dumb -- but this is the official story of what happened. I'll have to check but I believe the bit about the sims was reported in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Just another reason to doubt what we've been told.

Phillip Marshall, an experienced pilot, doubted it. In his book FALSE FLAG 9/11 he argues that the terrorist pilots had secret help from the Saudis and elements of the US intelligence community. He says they trained in Arizona for months before 9/11.

I do not agree. I reviewed all of the evidence in the cas e of Hani Hanjour who supposedly piloted AA 77 into the Pentagon. Hanjour could not even remember his ow pin number. He flunked a Virginia driver's license test two weeks before 9/11. He flunked a flight test in a one engine Cessna three weeks before 9/11. A Cessna is one of the simplest planes to fly.

Draw your own conclusions.

Here is my paper about Hanjour:
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