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Yeah, let's pick up a young RB to plug in and carry the load. I think they're on the top shelf, aisle 5.

Turner is slow and a surprisingly old 31. Pass.

I have no problem with Steven Jackson. He's not young, but neither is our QB, and he needs help with the offense. We're in 'win now', aren't we?

So, we can draft a RB this year, but not too high, right?, because that would be a waste of a draft pick. So let's look to the mid rounds for a guy that can take over and replace what we have, because, yeah, it's that easy I guess.

McGahee is good when he's not fumbling or getting injured. Moreno plays well long enough to start believing, then he drive the stake through the heart with another injury. I like Hillman, but he's not a feature back, and that's ok. There's a place for him on this team.

With the self destruct feature of this team ticking down daily, you don't have the luxury of experimenting drafting chance RB's in the mid rounds, hoping they are the one. If you roll the dice with a 36 year old QB coming off serious injury, trying to secure Jackson within the framework of the team is a no brainer. We don't need a RB of the future right now, unless you plan on taking a top tier back in the draft. The clock is ticking on this team.
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