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Originally Posted by DENVERDUI55 View Post
It has more to do with his salary than anything. To me he isn't a 6 mil a year OG. I would rather have that money on other players and replace him with a bandaid like Moore or Slauson for half the price. I would even roll with a top G out of the draft. Kuper is paid way too much in my opinion. Yes I know his dad posts here but Denver's cap situation is getting up to where it is an issue.
I still think Kuper our best guard when healthy so i wouldnt cut him loose just yet. But i agree its a great draft to grab a starting guard. We are bottom of round 1 so the value you is good IMO. But I like Warford and he is supposedly a 2nd round pick? We could actually draft DT, then OG and really improve the trenches where games are won. Just keep renting vet RBs on the free agent market. There are OG projected in first and 2nd rounds that could compete for a spot on the Broncos starting oline this yr IMO.

If it worked out you would probably part ways with Kuper next yr.

I think broncos love Kuper though and until he shows he isn't coming back they are sticking with him. They won't just cut him.
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