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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
You're right...Elway sounds highly comfortable with Nate Irving and Steve Johnson battling it out for 2-down MIKE.

Still wonder why he's so public about wanting to talk to Te'o.
Elway pretty sneaky I think. He will talk about some guys he knows he's not selecting. But he may think some team at the top of round 2 thinks Teo will fall. Or maybe some team like the Ravens or Pats etc. This way if he wanted to move down maybe he just drops a few spots and grabs a late round pick in the process.

Really if you think about it there could be 5-10 reason a GM talks about a player he isn't going to select. Sometimes I hear thy even talk to players to ask about other player lol. You may slip in questions about guys he played against. Like what RB did you go up against that you felt was the toughest to tackle. Or who was the toughest guy on your team. I'm just guessing but you can see how many scenarios you can come up with.
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