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Here's 10 REAL reasons why the Broncos lost:
1. Clady lets Suggs through to sack Manning late in the game, because he had no strength in his right arm (torn labrum).
2. Peg-Leg Kuper called for holding, killing a Broncos 1st down with less than 5 minutes left (not to mention completely whiffing on blocks several times).
3. Moreno's knee injury leading to playing the youngest player in the NFL (Hillman) the entire 2nd half.
4. Tony Carter sucks REAL bad. How bad? Calvin Lowry bad.
5. Champ got burned deep about 5 times (in the first half alone).
6. DJ Williams without steroids = Ray Rice with a 40-yard run, down to the 2.
7. The Broncos generated no pass rush all game.
8. Both Dumervil and Miller jumping offsides multiple times.
9. Prater is horrible (kicked the ground) and should not be on the team.
10. It's almost as if the Broncos played without any Safeties the entire game.
Right, because we didn't kneel with 30+ seconds to go and two timeouts to go to overtime, and we didn't make a choice to not even try to convert for a game-winning 1st down on the previous possession.
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