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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
If a person goes to a KKK rally and talks about the joys of cross burning, yes!!

If a person goes to westboro baptist church and tells them how ****ing wrong they are, no!!

It's not going that endorses, it's what they say that matters.
your not answering. What if all tebow did was say the same things he always does and doesn't talk at all about gay issues? Things aren't as easy as you try and make them. By using the Westboro church you picked the most outlandish ridiculous one you have ever heard of. How is that being reasonable? KKK and Westboro Church are your two examples. Wow don't go trying to be too reasonable now.

I like you answer though its your intent that always matter and what should be judged. People got pissed at tebow before he even went. He never got a chance to speak to them. All this sort of thing does is drive people further apart but I realize you don't see it that way.
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