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Originally Posted by underrated29 View Post
Ok, he just came in and said me, myself personally, as he knows the training I've had would have no problem doing it. I asked him specifically at that speed and he said sure as you're not trying to maneuver. Anyone who can disable/turnoff auto pilot can get a good angle from miles out and make an easy approach.

So those instructors who couldn't do it either can't fly or are predispositioned into this entire conspiracy.

Told ya
Not trying to maneuver? What are you talking about?

Flight UAL 175 made a dramatic maneuver moments before impact -- supposedly at close to 600 mph --

If the turn had been started one second sooner or one second later flight 175 would have missed the south tower completely.

The terrorist pilot who supposedly did this had never trained in a Boeing 767. According to the best information, he had maybe 1-2 hours in a simulator for a DIFFERENT BOEING. I'll have to recheck which aircraft sim it was. MHG
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