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Man, you should really just stop posting. You're an embarrassment.
Herpy Derp

Vice President Dick Cheney is a founding member of PNAC, along with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Defense Policy Board chairman Richard Perle. Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz is the ideological father of the group. Bruce Jackson, a PNAC director, served as a Pentagon official for Ronald Reagan before leaving government service to take a leading position with the weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

The year was 1997.
Informationclearinghouse? Did you get that link from Gaff?

Anywho, I'm not sure what you're limply trying to establish here. The point is that nobody can argue that the Clintons were deceived into believing the WMD justifications for war, when they were the ones who laid all the necessary groundwork for that justification just a few years earlier.

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