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The Team

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
That's a touch convenient. Before you would've said he was done because he couldn't play the game of football. Now it's because he's not lock-step with your sense of decorum?

If he makes it or not, this nifty bit of media manufacture has nothing to do with it.
It's interesting that you think you know what I 'would have said.' You're wrong. I think he can be a football player, just not a QB and when did I say he was done?

However, take all of his liabilities.....can't play QB at the NFL level, the circus that loudly follows him and now the controversy of his speaking engagement at a church regarded as bigoted.

IMO, It's now unlikely an NFL team will sign him......and his chances before were already slim to nil. It's a 'tipping point' and I think he may have reached it.

If you think otherwise, say so. Because, unlike you, I don't pretend to know what someone is thinking.
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