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TJ Ward

Originally Posted by Kid A View Post
Huntsman is very likable, and his demeanor and approach to politics are easy to celebrate. But aside from having civil rhetoric, standing for gay rights and being pro-science (not small things in today's GOP), on economic issues he's pretty far to the right.

I welcome having a sane voice arguing that side, I do like the guy, but I think a lot of moderates and even liberals who say he could have won their vote are either uninformed on his actual policy plans or are just more concerned with personality than substance. Moderate demeanor, but nowhere close to being a "moderate" Republican in the Eisenhower, Nixon sense of the idea.
You got it wrong because if he were merely a moderate Republican I still wouldn't vote for him. He's a middle of the road and whichever side is right for the state. He did great economically in Utah. He made changes that increased income, jobs, and revenue greatly and went against his party and church to do it. He got rid of welfare programs supported by the state primarily, the general assistance program primarily. They are back now that we got left with one of the good old Mormon boys again who doesn't have a clue what goes on in his government, lies about his accomplishments, and does his pretend focuses and ignorance. It's status quo once again in Utah.
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