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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post

But IMO if he goes to this church and does anything less than call them out on their treatment of certain groups, he's not being Christ-like.

I believe if Christ were invited to a church (excuse me, organization) like this, he would have called them all Christian Pharisees and repudiated everything they stood for. He wouldn't stand up there and give a speech about loving your neighbor and not make mention of the manner in which they're "loving" theirs. That's not the Jesus that exists in any Bible I've ever read.

And I'm not going back over my qualifications on the subject. They're quite well documented.
Somehow, I don't see that happening, though I'd like to be wrong.

I had read that he was to receive a large fee for speaking there, it's doubtful he will bite the hand that feeds him. Backing off now, probably had more to do with finding a new NFL team.

Wasn't going to happen had he not 'postponed'........and regardless, the damage is done and may prove to be the end of his NFL 'adventure.'
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