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My Cliffnotes:

Talked about the NFL discussing a change in the off-season calendar. Rumors are the draft may be moved back, perhaps not this year, but down the road. Doesn't know too much about it other than that.

Thinks Peyton Manning is only going to get better after another off-season.

Was asked of the game against Baltimore reminded him of 1996 in Jacksonville and if he would like to forget it. He said he doesn't want the team to forget the game, but learn from it and become better prepared for next year.

Speculation on MLB being an early pick: Elway dismisses it by saying they have Nate Irving and Stevie Johnson, whom they both have high expectations for and are excited to see them in camp and OTA's. Said that Irving was drafted in the third round to be the guy to man the middle of the defense.

Happy with the progression of Brock Osweiler. Excited for him to learn under Peyton. Working hard on his footwork and release.

Believes Rahim Moore had a great year in comparison to his rookie year, despite his last game. Hasn't seen Moore since the last game, but says he handled the situation with maturity and he was pleased with that. Reminded the question askers that h believes that a lot of things in that game caused them to lose, and it isn't fair to single out one person or one particular play.

I know I missed something between Brock and Rahim, but whatever.
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