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IMO, the biggest problem the Broncos Defense has, is stopping the run out of Nickel formation, and stopping short passing plays out of Nickel. Because they can't stop either one of those things, the Safeties always have to cheat up, which can potentially lead to single-coverage on the outside WR's...which can lead to long bomb TD's (especially now that Champ is slowing down)...which is why they lost to Baltimore.

1. Trevathan is too weak/slow? (easily blockable) to get the job done.
2. They tried DJ, but he was getting schooled (too slow) against the Ravens, turns out the juice did help him.
3. Brooking is definitely too slow to cover a lot of ground, and is also blockable in his old age.
4. Irving is a cracker jack mystery prize.

What they need, is an LB who can do everything. A guy who is quick enough to cover half the field (WW guards the other half), but is physical enough to shed blocks, and track down the ballcarrier (in the event of a run). WW is fast, but gets blocked out of plays a lot.

Probably the only guy who can do that WELL in this draft is Minter. You get a real good front-7 LB, and the Secondary will be able to use a Cover-2 shell without fear that something underneath is going to go for a big gain. Both Safeties can each guard 1/2 the field, and won't have to peek in the backfield all the time.

Of coure, the LB has to be able to run fast. Last year, Hightower ran a 4.62 (which is fast), and he is extremely physical (265 lbs.) but the Broncos passed. The faster Minter runs, the higher he will go. If he runs less than 4.65, he's probably out of our range. If he's any slower than that, I'm not sure that I want him. They can get by with WW at WOLB, but they absolutely need a 1st round kick-ass, 3-down, half-field, MLB or the whole Defense will break down in Nickel (as we saw in the playoffs). Unfortunately, there are about 6 other teams that need the same thing.

Champ got schooled so many times, it wasn't even funny. Rahim is going to have to improve a bunch in coverage, and STAY BACK. WW and the MIKE are going to have to be able to clean everything up underneath. No more Safety help.
Sorry, I quit reading at the suggestion Trevathan is slow.
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