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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Love your logic

Wouldn't you say that any player drafted they have hopes will push to be a starter? Why else would you draft the guy if you didn't think he could improve his game and be a starter some day.
So you think a few years back, when we drafted a 6th round pick at CB while we have Champ Bailey in his prime, is going for a starter position? Teams have realistic views of potential of a player. Teams will get a running back in the 2nd round and then in the 4th round because they need a starter and the 4th rounder might be able to take it and is drafted as depth or as insurance #2 doesn't work out. Many times you draft for depth knowing in a few years you will go get a stud to fulfill the retired (or free agent) player. It is a bonus for a 6th round player to become a starter. If they thought they can and was not a problem college player, why would they take that chance and draft him later?

Stop gaps are free agent signees and late round draft choices.
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