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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Did you see that complete field reversal against Boise State in the end of that clip? He just went dummy.
Thats why there called "highlights".
Its easy to post the highlights of any player.

I have never seen anyone saying that Bell is a 3-down NFL back.
Theres a possibility, but theres the same possibility for any RB in this years draft. I do however like Bells quick feet though!
DEN could simply draft a late round back to push the pile, or keep McGahee.
The only RBs in this draft that currently before even entering the NFL have the ability already to play 3-downs as a rookie are Taylor, Gillisee, Franklin and Ball. And Ball has concussion issues.
Bells also already is trying to state hes gonna lose weight.
And many analysts have stated concernsd over his lack of speed hitting the hole. Dont care about trick, reverse plays.
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