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Bell fits here just fine. He was playing at 240 pounds and showed good quickness for his size and deceptive speed down the field. If he sheds that weight, he is going to be more explosive. The big questions on him are consistent vision (as you alluded to with hitting the hole) and that he needs better effort in pass protection, which is said for almost every back coming out of college.

He has caught 30+ balls the past two years and rushed for over 2,700 and 25 touchdowns. Don't see how he is Ron Dayne all over again. The kid was legitimately one of the top backs in the country playing out of a pro-style offense. He is also a monster inside the 20. Definitely what we need. Agree to disagree. I would like to see all the quotes on people doubting his ability to be a RB in the NFL.

Doesn't look slow to me at all.

Not sure if that worked:

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