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Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
I buy the pass pro argument. But I still see Taylor as a jack-of-all-trades, master of none kind of guy. I don't think his size and power will translate as well to the nfl. He lacks the elusiveness of a guy like Bell from msu.

I haven't been impressed at all watching Bernard's tape, but everyone seems to be high on him so maybe they know something that I don't.
And thats as good as it gets for a 3-down RB in this draft.
Slowshon is the master of none kind of guy, and he thrived when healthy.
Bell has HUGE concerns as a NFL RB.
1st, hes not elusive at all. Hes downright slow.
And by slow, i mean he never hits the hole with any kind of quickness.
he is projected to be a FB more than a RB in the NFL, and many dont think he will ever pan out as a RB.

I am not sure you understand the kind of RB that is needed in the
Manning-style offense. Again, Marshall Faulk is the model you want to look to. 3-down back. ( I know, a HOF calibur RB. Shady McCoy is an example of a "poor-mans" Faulk)

In the playoff game against BALT, ( I know. It still stings) there was a specific point in the game where DEN lost all its momentum.
No, it actually wasnt when Rahim blew it, and no it wasnt when Manning threw that pick in OT.
The momentum of that game was lost when Moreno went out of the game with the injury.
The offense became completely non-existant. It just ran out of gas.
Other RBs came in (Hillman, Ball) but the offense just took a dump and was stagnant. Hillman got some free yards here and there for the rest of the game, but BALT began to simply BLITZ the living crap outta Manning knowing that he couldnt throw if Moreno (or McGahee for that matter) wasnt in there.
BALT just sent in an extra blitzer for the rest of the game and wore down Mannings ability to create at the LOS.
And Hillman and Ball were literally decimated on pass-pro.
With no real threat from a RB that can run betweeen the tackles and outside of the tackles (Moreno), and catch out of the backfield (Moreno), like Slowshon did and scored a TD doing it in that playoff game, and most importantly pass protect (Moreno), and keep the opposong defense too scared to blitz for fear of a dump off (Moreno), or an adequate pass protecting RB(Moreno) that can take on an extra blitzer allowing Manning to torch a team throwing downfield, then DEN is in deep trouble.

Le'Von Bell is NOT the RB that DEN needs. Ron Dayne all over again.
Jonathan Stewart would be perefct, but thats a bit of a pipe dream.

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