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Originally Posted by socalorado View Post
And thats great and all, but thats not the Manning offense.
Again, DEN needs a 3-down back in this offense, that can do all i referred to.
Hillman is the complimentary back.
And if Gio Bernard could just work on his pass pro, i could easily see DEN going after him. But Gio wont make it out of the top 45 picks.
DEN isnt gonna give the responsiblity of blocking blitzers coming at the 90 bazzilion dollar, 37 year old QB to a rookie who isnt very good at it.
We all saw how bad Hillman was in passpro, and Ball as well. Ugly.
But a rookie who has done it for 3 years in a pro-style sytem that has produced a bunch of 1st rounders in recent drafts like RB Stepfan Taylor, yeah i could see that.
Having 2 RBs is great, but teams will know when Manning is gonna throw and adjust if there isnt a 3-down threat in the backfield in this offense.
Thats why Moreno, when healthy was so effective.
Having 2 RBs doesnt change the necessity of having one of them be a 3-down RB that is legit in all phases.
I buy the pass pro argument. But I still see Taylor as a jack-of-all-trades, master of none kind of guy. I don't think his size and power will translate as well to the nfl. He lacks the elusiveness of a guy like Bell from msu.

I haven't been impressed at all watching Bernard's tape, but everyone seems to be high on him so maybe they know something that I don't.
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