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Bernard is gonna be a beast in the NFL, but if you want to solve that issue in house, just run Holliday on reverses
I agree completely, I was a big advocate all season for getting Holliday involved in the offense. He played a couple games but only as a decoy. They may not have trusted him with the ball in his hands yet.

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To me, in the Manning offense, DEN needs a guy who can play 3 downs, and make the opposing defense have to account for him for all 3 downs.
Stepfan Taylor has been doing it for 3 year now, and is very good at all 3.
The STAN offense is just a fantastic system to draft from, and Taylor fits what DEN needs perfectly. Gillisee is also very good at all 3 too.
But i think the NFL is different now than when Faulk was in the league. There aren't many true number one backs anymore. You have to find a group of guys that is good at a particular thing, like the thunder lightning combos of the giants (jacobs-bradshaw) and niners (gore-L.James). I'm not sold on Taylor bringing more to the table than McGahee. I think McGahee is more elusive laterally and an equally, if not more tough runner.

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Not mentioning Le'veon Bell out of Michigan State is a crime. The guy absolutely punishes defenders and not only is a downhill runner, but does well side to side and outside the tackles. He has shed weight (was 240 in college) for the combine looking to add more speed and agility. He can also catch too. I compare him to Michael Bush, but a better receiver than he is. Would be an excellent fit for this offense. Just the kind of thunder we need to Hillman's lightning.
I'm gonna watch some more tape of him now. All I really remember of him is his hurdles earlier in the season, but he seems like a heckuva athlete for his size. I had no idea he was that big. He seems like a delanie walker h-back type at that size. edit: he's a beast. And he loves that hurdle move. I like the elusiveness. Why is he so lowly rated?

I don't have much faith in Lacy. He was so successful in college because he was bigger than everyone, an NFL running back playing in college. When he gets to the NFL and everyone is bigger, stronger, faster, I don't see him being as successful. He's not the as good as Ingram was, and Ingram hasn't panned out. There's way better value in the middle rounds.

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