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Originally Posted by elibroncofan View Post
Maybe you're right, I haven't seen him catch the ball much in the few stanford games I watched, and I had heard he wasn't much of a good receiver. He's got little hands though. He's an intriguing physical specimen for sure.
To me, in the Manning offense, DEN needs a guy who can play 3 downs, and make the opposing defense have to account for him for all 3 downs.
That means he needs to excel at running well inside the tackles and outside, be able to drop off into the flats and catch balls, and be an excellent blocker in pass pro.
Basically, DEN needs Marshall Faulk. But we all know that aint happening.
And Shady McCoy aint gonna be traded to DEN anytime soon, so they need to look to the draft and find someone who already knows how to play in an offense that is somewhat close to what DEN runs, and has the experience to excel at doing all 3 of the above.
Stepfan Taylor has been doing it for 3 year now, and is very good at all 3.
The STAN offense is just a fantastic system to draft from, and Taylor fits what DEN needs perfectly. Gillisee is also very good at all 3 too.
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