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Where did I say that Koppen was the greatest thing since sliced bread? I said that our line was greatly improved when Walton went out. Facts are facts. It has more to do with Walton than Koppen.

The Broncos coaching staff had to give Koppen time to learn the system. Koppen wasn't at training camp. He wasn't signed until after the first game. We have no idea if the coaching staff was going to make a change at center or not before the injury. There's a reason they brought in Koppen after Walton played in the preseason and the first regular season game. Try to keep up.
You are correct but i think it has more to do with Manning/Koppen than Walton/Koppen.

Koppen is a vet with SBs and used to running the no huddle offense. It all comes second nature to him. When he came into the lineup he was able to take charge and really work with Manning.

Walton was a second year player just trying to figure his own game out. I think Walton will be much better this year. Just like if he would have stayed in the line-up last year he would have improved greatly over the season.
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