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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I have no problems at all who drafts who. I only care about production on the field. Let's not forget, Walton was just in his 2nd year when he was playing center in a normal offense, then it got switched up about midseason for the Tebow offense. Then they get PM and really a new style of offense altogether so he's had quite a bit thrown at him so early. I agree I thought he was really making nice strides before he got hurt. I think playing with PM is only going to help him understand line calls much better. I think his talent and his size/strength are just fine (6'3 305/ 34 reps). Once the mental things start clicking a little faster, he'll be a good center for a long time.
Just seemed like he got rag dolled by the big DT in the league. He's a young player though he could still get better.
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