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Originally Posted by ColoradoDarin View Post
Walton made a big improvement last year over the previous. Was is due to TWKPME - (The Well Known Peyton Manning Effect) or just good coaching (or both!) is yet to be seen. I don't mind if they give him another year or so to develop before they cut ties/make him a backup.
They had time under Josh. Then Fox comes in and changes most everything and they have NO offseason to learn stuff, next year Manning comes to town and everything changes again.

He was having his career year and since the hard part of the schedule was over how bad can koppens be considering he was a super vet. Has an inherent ability to make OL calls.

What irks most folks is that many of Joshes draftees are doing well now and they hate him so much that they have blind spots about the talent he brought in.

Someday that will get over it and move on many are still hung up on mikey not being here some are pissed that Fox is here some are flat ignorant.
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